Name of the work:

ICT Based Laboratory Service Management System of Bangladesh Centre for Science and Industrial Research


Name of the client: Bangladesh Centre for Science and Industrial Research


Automation of service delivery system/channel for the analytical services rendered to the citizens by different laboratories of BCSIR. The laboratories will be connected to the central server through LAN and a front desk or the one stop service point will receive service request and deliver service report to the client. Main features and facilities of the developed software are as follows:


  • Receive sample for analysis at the front desk with customer’s detail
  • Select parameters and methodology of analysis
  • Select laboratory for the requested analysis
  • Submit service request to the scientist of the selected laboratory
  • Acknowledgement of the request
  • Test result acknowledgement
  • Test result verification
  • Generate customer ID at the front desk and send mail to the institute head
  • Generate lab invoice
  • Generate customer invoice
  • Show request status
  • Generate institute wise service delivery report
  • Generate daily service report
  • Creation of user and authorized person by the administrator


The system is designed to run on client server architecture. It will be using MS Visual 2008 and MSSQL Server-2005.