Farmer Registration System

The application is ASP .NET and SQL database. Online based farmer management and loan
approval system with farmer data store.
Technical Features:
 Web Application.
 Access anytime, anywhere and with many ways.
 User Friendly Interface.
 Works on TCP/IP Network.
 Multi-user.
 Integrated activity based Reminder System (Optional).
 Supports SQL Server-2012 as backend RDBMS.
 Supports Latest Windows Server Technologies.
 Works on any Smart Device or Internet Browser supported device.

Requirements at the client’s end to implement the software:
Our Client should have the following facilities and infrastructure to implement the software:
 Requirement of Human Resource:
– Knowledge on management information and business Process.
– Should know basic packages like MS-Word, Excel etc.
– Should have minimum level of typing skill.
– Should assign a responsible person who will deal the entire process during development.
 Power backup facility:
The organizations will ensure power backup facility for uninterrupted operation of the software.
 Consistent and Valid Information:
Client will provide consistent and valid information.

Software Implementation Tools:
Development Tools RDBMS/Database Language Reporting Server

MS Visual Studio-
2012 SQL Server-2012 ASP.Net & C#.Net RDLC MS IIS Server

Base module:
 Farmer login/signing
 Zone wise farmer registration.
 Farmer manage zone wise
 Multiple/group farmer handling system.
 Famer verification system
 Farmer profile management
 Template mail manage
Database analysis and design.
Database design is a technique that involves the analysis, design, description,
and specification of data design for automated farmer data processing.This
technique uses models to enhance communication between developers and
Security Assurance:
Provides maximum security of data, ensuring that the integrity of data is
maintained and restricting unauthorized access.