Archiving Solution

Name of the work: Development of SRDI Research Archive System
Name of the Client: Soil Resource Development Institute, Ministry of Agriculture

Since 1965 from its inception Soil Resource Development Institute has generated huge volume of soil resource data which have used for different level of land use planning and soil management. A digital archive system has developed to save, protect and easily retrieve this valuable database, reports and map documents of Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI).


To develop a smart and dynamic software to store, save and easy retrieval of different format of data generated by SRDI. 


The project will assist the user’s needs to help store documents in the software database and as well as can see report/documents through user friendly interface within few seconds. The users can be either clients or host in the system. Visitors of this software can see or search any document through online user interface. Super admin and data loader can input documents into the software database. No matter how big the paper mountain is, SRDI Research Archive System will be the solution for storing data. The SRDI-RA offers web interface allowing access to the archive directly from a web browser in an Intranet or Internet setting.

 Technologies used for developed software:

PHP and MySQL based online software which is store data in database and easily find those data from database. HTML provides the basis for creation of templates for websites Also used Jquery, Ajax. Photoshop is software which is used for image editing. Flash for creating presentation. CSS helps creates uniformity across the entire web site. Javascript And PHP provides certain control all functionally and activity. In object-oriented languages the term “interface” is often used to define an abstract type that contains no data, but exposes behaviors defined as methods


  • Single- and multi-user option
  • Attach other formats like PDF, HTML, DOC etc
  • SQL functionality

Web interface (Expert version)